Gwendolyn Evans 


Gwendolyn is "an artist and muse...who happens to be blind."


Her stuff is gorgeous and frequently whimsical, a quality which, you know, I especially admire. She has canvases with mixed media, sculptures, and really lovely jewelry. Her use of color is extraordinary.




Green Mountain Pet Portraits


Look at these fabulous paintings! Wayne F. Michaud does beautiful work.


Wayne captures pets in oil paintings that are so luscious and realistic I want to pet them. The character of each and every animal shines through. Scrolling through his site's gallery is as good as a walk in the park.





Patricia Braine


Patricia's photos capture that special something that makes me feel like I was there, standing next to her, watching her capture the moment. I can feel the wind in my face, and I flinch a bit at this one to get out the way!


She has a huge ongoing project called Port of Vemont "which is answering the question: What is the cultural history of VT?"





Jackie Mangione

Jackie's watercolors are rich and captivating! See more at