How it Works


It’s easy to immortalize your favorite pet—or favorite pet of a favorite person; it’s a great gift.          


You decide:



Any animal, from hamsters to horses. 

I've done a bat, cow, llama, peacock, butterfly, birds and polar bears. 

BUT--I mostly do dogs and cats, and would love to do yours.



Outdoors or in? A favorite doggie bed in the background, or a favorite scene: hills, mountains, or maybe a lake. We can work on this together.



Measure your window or the space where the piece will hang.

Price is determined by complexity not size. See "Pricing" in the menu on the left.



What do you like: blues and greens, warm, earth?

Or tell me "No orange!" We can go back and forth on this a bit.


Prop to be included (optional)     

You can send me a ball, Frisbee, tugger—or tell me what kind to get. 
I like the way used ones look, but my dog can only work on tuggers. 
I have to scavenge used balls from the park, and used Frisbees are hard to come by.


If you want a collar or leash included, you just need to tell me the size so I can make the slots fit, and you can install it.


And then…

Just send me a photo of your pet and we’ll get started…the more photos and stories the better—I love hearing about everyone’s animals. 
I like email, but if you don’t you can send photos in the mail.


I’ll come up with a sketch and send it to you. We’ll work on it until we get it right.

Then I’ll start cutting.


How long does it take?

It will take about 2 weeks from start to finish. I usually have one or two in process, but if you have a set date I can probably get it done on time, but—start early!