About the Artist


I started doing stained glass in the early ‘90s—a friend dragged me to a class. I fell in love; her piece is still unfinished under her bed, as far as I know.


I took a few years off to have a baby—babies and stained glass really don’t mix—and what with one thing and another, it took a move to Vermont and the acquisition of a basement to get going on my art again; my baby was now 10.


I decided to focus on animals. With my pet portraits I try to depict a special moment—a snapshot, in glass. Stained glass, strangely, seems to capture animal essence excellently. The stillness that animals achieve lends itself to the crispness of glass. Moments, seized.
Yet, glass is fluid, and animals flow. Mysteriously, impressing us with their grace. And their goofiness. Especially dogs. The most serene dog can give a grin and get a laugh. And, playing to the laugh, I include a favorite toy in a lot of my pieces. Pet's props. Even the proudest cat has a plaything. Possibly you.


Pets and their people are fabulous to work with—I hope to work with you soon.